The Bishop-Ulama Conference

BUC's Mission

In pursuit of this common vision, these religious leaders organized themselves into a SEC-registered association whose mission is to support the on-going peace process in the region through the promotion of mutual knowledge and understanding, acquaintance and friendship as well as reconciliation through repentance and forgiveness

as indispensable elements of the culture of justice and peace, of total development and authentic progress.


BUC's Vision

The Catholic bishops, Muslim Ulama, and Protestant bishop-pastos in Mindanao, Southern Philippines, envision a society where Christians, Muslims, Indigenous Peoples, and followers of other faith traditions, imbued with moral and spiritual values common to Christian, Islamic, and other religious beliefs, live together in harmony and peace.

BUC's Goals

The goals and objectives to be pursued in the furtherance of this mission are the series of assemblies, conferences, seminars, for a, symposia, religious rituals, socio-cultural activities, and peace projects which shall be carried out through friendly and respectful dialogues which, however long and tedious, are the only human and humane ways of resolving conflicts.

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