The Bishop-Ulama Conference

Major Projects Of The Conference 


  1. The Mindanao Week of Peace, annual region-wide event beginning on the last Thursday of November, and involving all sectors in society and officially endorsed by the Philippine in Mindanao.


  1. The Tripartite youth Peace Camp is celebrated every other year with the attendance of more than 200 young Muslim, Christian and Lumad leaders who spend 5 days together in dialogue, prayer, and socio-cultural and physical activities.



  1. The Imam-Priests-Pastors Forum (IPPF), an organized group of second level grassroots religious leaders who support BUC programs and activities. It is slowly spreading throughout the region of Mindanao.


  1. The BUC-AFP-PNP Forum for Peace, which was recently organized to promote healthy and constructive dialogues with the peace officers throughout the region of Mindanao.

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